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IPC - Brainwave

Year 6 kicked off the new year with the IPC unit Brainwave. Our learning has been focusing on how we learn. We have focused on the parts of the brain, the different types of learners that there are and how to teach new skills to other people. We have created graphs, written information reports and created our very own brain hats. Take a look below at some of what we have been doing. 


IPC - Fairgrounds

Welcome back to Year 6! This half term our new IPC unit is 'Fairgrounds'. We will be learning about the history of fairgrounds and about the difference between primary and secondary sources of information. We will also be learning about the changes that have taken place since 1948. The children will be learning about the 'Swinging Sixties' through to the 1990's and what significant events and changes took place. 

Entry Point 

As part of Entry Point into this unit, the children created their own fairground. We decided what rides we wanted in our fairground and then worked in small groups creatingall the different rides. We used a range of Personal Goals during out Entry Point such as: cooperation, communication and resilience. After we had created the rides, each class came up with a name for their fairgound and then we produced some excellent writing trying to persusade the general public to visit our faiground. Below are some pictures from our Entry Point.

Fairground Pic 1 (1)
Fairground Pic 2
Fairground pic 3




Maths (2)

English - The Switch

During this half term Year 6 will be focusing on the Power of Reading text ‘ The Switch' by the author Anthony Horowitz. The text takes place in a fairground and tells the tale of a boy called Tad who makes a wish that comes true. Tad then wakes up and he is somebody else. It certainly is an action-packed story and so far the children have really enjoyed it. Why not read the blurb below. 

The Switch 

A dark and mysterious adventure from the number one bestselling author of the Alex Rider series. A boy's casual wish leads him into a dark and mysterious world in this thrilling adventure from the bestselling author of the Alex Rider series. For Tad Spencer, only son of a fabulously wealthy businessman, every day is like Christmas. Until he makes the mistake of wishing he was someone else. The next morning he wakes up as Bob Snarby, trapped in a cruel and squalid funfair world inhabited by hopeless criminals, mysterious fortune tellers and - worst of all - the murderous Finn. But he's there for a reason, as Tad discovers when he begins to untangle a secret that will introduce him to the most unexpected enemy of all...


Science - Animals Including Humans


Headboy & Headgirl Elections

Heida & Noah's presentation about Kelvin Doe who is an inspiration to everyone

head-boy-girl-school-badge_origKelvin Doe Presentation.mp4

Topic Letters

Autumn 1 - IPC Unit - AD 900 - The Mysterious Maya 

Autumn 2 - IPC Unit - Building a Village

Summer 1 - IPC Unit - Fairgrounds 

Homework Menu:

Summer 1 Homework Menu

Important Information

Homework Menu 

A homework menu has now been uploaded onto Google Classroom and all children have been given their login details. A piece of homework is to be uploaded every week. Class teachers will mark your child's homework electronically and feedback will be given. 


Spellings will also be uploaded onto Google Classrooms for your child to practise learning. Spellings will be uploaded on Friday and your child will be tested on Wednesday. 

6L - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

6T - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

6F - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit into school when they are timtabled to have PE.

6T - PE lessons are Mondays and Tuesdays

6L - PE lessons are  Tuesdays and Thursdays

6F - PE lessons Tuesdays and Thursdays 

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