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IPC - The Mysterious Maya


IPC - The Mysterious Maya

This term the children have started their new IPC topic 'The Mysterious Maya '. This topic focuses on the Maya civilisation and the children will be learning about what these people were like. In particular, the children will be learning about the Maya number system, the writing system they used, Maya society and some of the reasons why the Maya civilisation mysteriously disappeared. 

 As part of our Entry Point, both 6T & 6T learnt about when and where the Maya lived and we also made hot chocolate in the style of the Maya by adding chilli and cinnamon to it. In addition, we then went outside and played the Maya game 'Pok a Tok' which the children loved doing.


IPC - The Mysterious Maya

Over the summer holidays the children in year 6 were set homework and had to find out about the Maya civilisation. Some produced information booklets and some created some fantastic models. The children worked extremely hard researching about the Maya civilisation. Take a look below at some of the brilliant work. 



IMG_20190902_174715 - Final

English - Skellig

During this term Year 6 will be focusing on the Power of Reading text ‘Skellig’ by the author David Almond. The text is about a character called Michael who moves house and discovers a garage with a mysterious creature living inside. This term we will be focusing on writing newspapers, character descriptions and diary entries based around this fantastic book.   Why not read the blurb below.  


When a move to a new house coincides with his baby sister's illness, Michael's world seems suddenly lonely and uncertain.Then, one Sunday afternoon, he stumbles into the old, ramshackle garage of his new home, and finds something magical. A strange creature - part owl, part angel, a being who needs Michael's help if he is to survive. With his new friend Mina, Michael nourishes Skellig back to health, while his baby sister languishes in the hospital. But Skellig is far more than he at first appears, and as he helps Michael breathe life into his tiny sister, Michael's world changes for ever . . .

IMG_20190902_170724 - Final

Science - Light

IMG_20190902_170748 - Final 2
IMG_20190902_174651 - Final

Headboy & Headgirl Elections


Topic Letters

Autumn 1 - The Maya

Important Information

English and maths homework is set on Monday and is due in Thursday.

6L - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

6T - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

Please ensure that your child's PE kit is in school everyday.

6T - PE lessons are on Monday & Thursday. 

6L - PE lessons are on Monday & Tuesday.  


Homework will be set every Monday and will need to be in school with a piece compeleted for the following Thursday. The Homework Menu is below. 

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