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IPC - Brainwave

Year 6 kicked off the new year with the IPC unit Brainwave. Our learning has been focusing on how we learn. We have focused on the parts of the brain, the different types of learners that there are and how to teach new skills to other people. We have created graphs, written information reports and created our very own brain hats. Take a look below at some of what we have been doing. 


IPC - Mysterious Maya

During Autumn 1, the children in Year 6 will be learning about the 'Mysterious Maya' civilisation. As the children progress through the IPC unit, they will learn about the Maya writing system, the number systerm the Maya used and about what gods the Maya worshipped. 

Entry Point 

As part of Entry Point into this unit, the children played the ancient Maya game 'Pok a Tok' and also created hot chocolate Maya style using chilli, vanilla and cinnamon. They also created their own Maya codex using Maya glyphs. They had a fantastic time and it was definitely a memorable moment they will never forget. Below are some pictures of what the children got up to when playing Pok a Tok. 

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IPC - International Mindedness

In Year 6 our International Mindedness country for our IPC AD 900 unit is Mexico. As part of our learning, we have been focusing on the Mexican festival 'The Day of The Dead'. We looked art how this is celebrated and what certain things represent during this three day festival. Take a look at what we created below. 

Day of The Dead



English - Skellig

During this half term Year 6 will be focusing on the Power of Reading text ‘ Skellig'. The text is about a boy called Michael who moves house with his family. His sister is born premature and Michael is struggling to adapt to all the changes that are taken place. He ventures into the garage of his new house and finds a mysterious creature. Why not read the blurb below.


When a move to a new house coincides with his baby sister's illness, Michael's world seems suddenly lonely and uncertain.Then, one Sunday afternoon, he stumbles into the old, ramshackle garage of his new home, and finds something magical. A strange creature - part owl, part angel, a being who needs Michael's help if he is to survive. With his new friend Mina, Michael nourishes Skellig back to health, while his baby sister languishes in the hospital. But Skellig is far more than he at first appears, and as he helps Michael breathe life into his tiny sister, Michael's world changes for ever . . 

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Science - Light

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Headboy & Headgirl Elections


Topic Letters

Autumn 1 - IPC Unit - AD 900 - The Mysterious Maya 

Homework Menu

Autumn 1 Homework Menu

Important Information

Homework Menu 

A homework menu has now been uploaded onto Google Classroom and all children have been given their login details. A piece of homework is to be uploaded every week. Class teachers will mark your child's homework electronically and feedback will be given. 


Spellings will also be uploaded onto Google Classrooms for your child to practise learning. Spellings will be uploaded on Friday and your child will be tested on Wednesday. 

6L - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

6T - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

6F - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit into school when they are timtabled to have PE.

6T - PE lessons are Mondays and Tuesdays

6L - PE lessons are  Tuesdays and Thursdays

6F - PE lessons Tuesdays and Thursdays 

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