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IPC - Moving People

This term the children have started their new IPC topic 'Moving People'. This topic focuses on the issue of migration and the factors that cause it to occur. 

As part of our Entry Point, both 6T & 6L went to South Norwood Country Park and built their own refugee shelter. The children were put into groups and had to use a range of Personal Goals in order to construct the shelter. They had a fantastic time and it will definitely be a memorable moment they will never forget. Below are some pictures of what the children got up to. 



IMG_20190902_174715 - Final

English - Power of Reading - Ice Trap

During this half term Year 6 will be focusing on the Power of Reading text ‘ Ice Trap'. The text is about Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew and how they become trapped in the deadly pack-ice in the Antarctic. Endurance, the ship they used for the journey, is crushed by the pack-ice and they are stranded on an ice floe for months. Why not read the blurb below.


An amazing tale of heroism and ingenuity, this dramatic picture book tells the story of Shackleton's incredible adventure in the heroic age of Antarctic exploration. In August 1914, during the height of the heroic age of Antarctic exploration, Sir Ernest Shackleton set off from England with a team of explorers to walk across the Antarctic and study the icy depths of this new and forbidding continent. Sailing through some of the most perilous seas, the Endurance becomes trapped in the deadly pack ice of the Weddell sea. When the Endurance is eventually crushed between the vast bulk of two floating icebergs, the men are forced to abandon ship and make the dangerous journey across the crushing sea in lifeboats. They reach relative safety on the uninhabited Elephant Island, but an even greater peril faces Shackleton and five other members of the crew.

English 1(1)
English (3)

Science - Living Things and Their Habitats

Science -= Final

Headboy & Headgirl Elections


Topic Letters

Autumn 1 - AD 900

Autumn 2 - Building  a Village 

Spring 1 & 2 - Moving People

Important Information

English and maths homework is set on Monday and is due in Thursday.

6L - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

6T - Spellings are set on Friday and the children are tested on Wednesday.

Please ensure that your child's PE kit is in school everyday.

6T - PE lessons are on Monday & Thursday. 

6L - PE lessons are on Monday & Thursday.  


Children will be set pages from their revision books for maths and English every week. The pages that they will need to complete will be given to them every Monday. Homework will be set every Monday and will need to be in school compeleted for the following Thursday. 

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