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IPC - Brainwave

Year 6 kicked off the new year with the IPC unit Brainwave. Our learning has been focusing on how we learn. We have focused on the parts of the brain, the different types of learners that there are and how to teach new skills to other people. We have created graphs, written information reports and created our very own brain hats.


  • In History, we’ll be:
  • Thinking about periods of history and placing them in chronological order.
  • Finding out where and when the Maya lived.
  • Using historical artefacts and sources of information to find out about the Mayan way of life.
  • Exploring Maya rituals and beliefs.
  • Studying the ways in which the Maya communicated using hieroglyphs and how they counted using their unique number system.
  • Investigating the theories behind why and how the Maya Empire collapsed.




In English, we’ll be:

  • Revising key writing skills: Vocabulary, conjunctions, adverbials and punctuation.
  • Exploring how to vary our sentence structures for effect.
  • Looking at the novel “Skellig” written by David Almond, to inspire writing of different genres.
  • Thinking about the grammar terminology we already know and the new Year Six vocabulary.
  • Learning spellings of words with common prefixes and suffixes.



Headboy & Headgirl Elections



Year Six PE will be as follows:

6L – Tuesday & Thursday

6F – Monday & Tuesday

6P – Tuesday & Thursday

  • Homework will be set on a Friday and due in on the following Tuesday
  • Spellings will be handed out on Friday and the children will be tested on Wednesday
  • Children need to be reading at least three times a week and a comment recorded into their reading record every time they read.

Year 6 Curricular Targets

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