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Subject Leader Statement

"Writing is a vital skill for primary children, as it is the cornerstone of their literacy skills and facilitates effective communication in all aspects of life."

Our English curriculum is based around key texts that are designed to inspire the children. Alongside the focus text, year groups will use a variety of stimuli to further supplement the topic: these can include videos, pieces of art and drama.

We have progression documents to ensure that we cover a range of genres and purposes in each year group. They provide the tools for children to write confidently, clearly and accurately. Within these documents, it details the skills each child should develop as they move through the school from EYFS to Year 6. It is through these progression documents that they teachers look to for guidance when planning English lessons.

The documents set out are monitored closely by the English lead to ensure that each child is receiving the correct thread of learning to best develop them as independent writers.

Each writing lesson is closely linked to the focus text; this enables teachers to provide high quality writing models so the children can have high expectations of themselves in each genre. Each week is a series of lessons that is designed to immerse the children within the genre so that they have the skills to write an independent piece of writing at the end of the week. The children will then read their work and celebrate the successes whilst making adjustments through a carefully planned editing process.

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