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In English, our book for this half term is The Railway Children. We have chosen this book as it is classic that links to our topic so will benefit the children through cross-curricular links. We will use this book as a stimulus to learn about the structure and grammar used in a range of genres. This will help the children in creating long-form written work including a persuasive letter, poetry and a narrative.​


In Maths, we’ll be focussing on decimals and fractions, looking at tenths and hundredths. We aim for the children to be confident in converting decimals into fractions and vice versa. Then, we will be moving on to explore money. In these lessons, we will be converting between pounds and pence, using calculation and estimation. Finally, we will end the half term by learning about time on an analogue and digital clock.

History and Geography

This term we will be exploring our new topic of ‘All Aboard’ through history, geography and Design Technology. We will be looking at the development of the railways, travelling in Victorian times and considering why travelling on the railways would be a great experience.



Our last topic for science was Land, Sea and Sky. This is a geography and science based topic and so we will be looking at maps and learning how to interpret geographical features before learning about the water cycle and water animals and their habitats. Our trip to the Horniman Museum will be a lovely opportunity for the children to share their knowledge so far and develop their learning further.



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