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In English, we’ll be reading ‘Young, Gifted and Black’ and learning about numerous influential people from history and present day. We’ll be learning to focus on the structure, vocabulary and grammar used in a range of genres within our writing. We will also be understanding the elements of and writing a diary entry before exploring the features of poetry and creating our own poems.


In Maths, we will be starting the year by exploring at Place Value up to 10,000. We’ll then use this knowledge to compare numbers of different value, and complete addition and subtraction questions. Every child will develop their fluency, reasoning language and problem-solving skills within each Maths lesson.

History and Geography

Within our ‘Making Waves’ Science topic we’ll be identifying how sounds are made, recognising how sound is affected by distance and exploring how light moves and if we can change its direction. We’ll be planning and undergoing investigations to fully explore this topic.​


We are starting our year by looking at how we learn and how we can overcome obstacles in our topic ‘Brainwave’. This topic encourages our students to use their Personal Goals of collaboration and resilience.

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