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In Maths, we will be covering the 7 times tables in depth. This will help prepare for the Multiplication Timetables Check. We will be understanding the role of place value and then begin applying this to addition and subtraction. We will be understanding the role of concrete resources in understanding place value, before moving to more pictorial representations. Finally, we will be using our problem solving to answer more abstract questions.



English, our ‘Power of Reading’ book for this half term is the Iron Man. We will be covering the use of conjunctions, expanded noun phrases, reported and direct speech alongside many other grammatical features. We will be applying these features to poetry, newspaper articles, persuasive letters and non-chronological reports.

English - Y4


TIn Science, we will be learning about the classification of animals through the use of classification keys. We will generate appropriate questions to sort various animals. In addition, understanding the physical features that differentiate animals into particular groups. Furthermore, we will look closely at the variety of plants and how they are sorted. We will compare the suitability of habitats for different living organisms. To apply these ideas in practise we will conduct a practical experiment investigating the suitability of various habitats for plants to grow. Observing changes over time and recording findings in a table.hroughout our new topic 'Electricity' we will be identifying common appliances that run on electricity and how to use these safety and sensibly. We will construct our own simple circuits and will be investigating the difference between an open and closed circuit.


Topic Letter

Please find below our previous topic letters to show what we have been learning this year.


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  • Homework will go home on Monday and will need to be completed by Thursday.
  • Times tables and spellings to go home Friday ready for a test on Monday.  
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