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In maths this half term we will be focusing on addition and subtraction as well as length and perimeter. Our times table focus this half term is 9.  We will continue to apply our knowledge of place value to help us solve addition and subtraction problems. We will then move on to measurement, were we will explore the different units of measurements and how to work out the perimeter of shapes.

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In English, our new Power of Reading book is 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Carroll. This book is incredibly immersive, set in London 1922 when an Egyptologist takes an artefacts from a tomb in the valley of kings, it appears a curse has been unleashed. Lil and her school friends unravel this mystery following the mysterious disappearance of Professor Hanawati. During our English lessons based on this book, we will be using features of a newspaper, non-chronological report, adventure narrative, as well as setting descriptions. Children will begin to use relative clauses in their writing and adapt their style of writing to suit the genre they are using. 



In science, our topic is 'Sound'. Sound is a fascinating topic, which allows children to understand so much about the world around them. We will investigate how sound travels, understand what is meant by pitch and volume. Then, we will investigate materials to see which will provide the best insulation against sound. We will also understand the structure of the ear and how it is possible for animals to hear a medium.

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Topic Letter

Please find below our previous topic letters to show what we have been learning this year.


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