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In year 1, we have 3 classes – 1B, 1D and 1L taught by Miss Bucknor, Miss Davey and Mr Larkin. We also have 3 amazing TAs who help to support the children within in each of the 3 classes throughout the day. They are, Mrs Leggett, Mrs Babatunde and Mrs Spokes.


1D – Wednesday & Friday

1B – Tuesday & Friday

1L – Tuesday & Thursday

Homework – Will go out every Friday and is Collected in every Wednesday.

Reading Records – Changed every Monday and Thursday. These must be bought in everyday for Guided Reading sessions.

Homework will be sent out on Friday to be returned to school each Wednesday for marking.  The ‘menu’ type homework allows children to choose which homework they would like to do each week based on what subjects interests them the most.  Please date the menu to show which homework has been completed each week.

Upcoming trips

Thursday 12th October 2023 - Primary Team Building Day with The Problem Solving Company – All of Year 1


In English, our class book will be ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon and ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ by Maurice Sendak. We will be learning to: Orally compose a sentence, record and sentence, use a capital letter and full stop. As well as re-reading sentences to check they make sense, correct basic errors in sentences,


In maths we will start our topic exploring place value to 10, learning how to sort and count numbers and objects. We will also be looking at how to count forwards and within numbers to 10 and recognising one more and one less.

We will move onto looking at how to recognise numbers as words and comparing groups of objects and numbers by using vocabulary such as greater than, less than and equal to.

Weekly Timetables

Year 1 are following continuous provision to help the children transition into the Key Stage 1 curriculum. In Autumn 2, they will use a standardised timetable.

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