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In year 1, we have 3 classes – 1B, 1D and 1L taught by Miss Bucknor, Miss Davey and Mr Larkin. We also have 3 amazing TAs who help to support the children within in each of the 3 classes throughout the day. They are, Mrs Leggett, Mrs Babatunde and Mrs Spokes.


1D – Wednesday & Friday

1B – Tuesday & Friday

1L – Tuesday & Thursday

Homework – Will go out every Friday and is Collected in every Wednesday.

Reading Records – Changed every Monday and Thursday. These must be bought in everyday for Guided Reading sessions.

Homework will be sent out on Friday to be returned to school each Wednesday for marking.  The ‘menu’ type homework allows children to choose which homework they would like to do each week based on what subjects interests them the most.  Please date the menu to show which homework has been completed each week.

Upcoming trips

We are excited to be visiting Brockwell park community gardens as part of our science topic ‘Green fingers’. The dates for the trip are: 1B – 31st January, 1D – 6th February and 1L – 7th February. During the trip we shall be attending the workshop ‘How does a garden grow?’  which should provide relevant and enriching learning for the children.


Our focus book this half term is ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ by Beartrix Potter.  We will use questioning alongside the text to gain a wide depth of learning and understanding of key skills used within writing. The text also provides us with opportunities to write letters, poetry and fact files.


In Maths this half term we shall be expanding our calculations by including numbers up to 20. By using these new numbers alongside our knowledge on estimation, number lines and number bonds we will be able to complete a wide variety of both addition and subtraction questions.   


Plants are living things – they grow when we give them enough sunlight, food and water. Plants give us food to eat, clean air to breathe and materials to build our houses and furniture. We can use plants to make clothes and medicines, and to decorate our gardens. To fully engage with this unit, we will become scientists, geographers and international learners.

Weekly Timetables

Year 1 are following continuous provision to help the children transition into the Key Stage 1 curriculum. In Autumn 2, they will use a standardised timetable.

Year 1 Curricular Targets

The Statutory requirements for each year group and their specific targets can be found by clicking on the links below:



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