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IPC - The Great, the Bold and the Brave

We will be learning about life, culture and the political structure in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. We will also be learning about the religious beliefs that the Romans and Greeks held and the many gods that they believed in. Greek mythology will be an area of focus and will be used to inspire our creative writing.



Our Power of Reading book for this half term is The Journey ​by Francesca Sanna, which shows the story of a family of refugees fleeing a conflict in their home country. We will use the book as a jumping off point for writing formal, persuasive letters and our own refugee stories.  

Y5 English


This half term we will be exploring our knowledge of place value and understanding of how to order and compare numbers up to one million. We will also be linking our topic of ancient Greece and Rome to Roman numerals and building on our knowledge from Year 4.

Y5 Maths


As part of our Forces topic, we will be investigating different types of forces such as gravity, water/air resistance and friction. We will be conducting our own experiments to understand how and why forces work the way they do and the importance of them in the world around us.

Y5 Science

Topic Letters

Please find attached below our topic letter for this half term. It highlights what your child will be learning. 


Homework is set every Monday and due back in every Thursday. Please see the homework menu below.

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