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IPC - The Great the Bold and the Brave

Year 5 will be studying the topic ‘The Great the Bold and the Brave’ this term. The children will have the opportunity to explore ancient Greek mythology as well as the ancient Greek and Roman political environments. We will be looking at maps of both civilisations as well as important figures in their history.

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In English this term year 5 will be looking at the power of reading book 'Stormbreaker'. This text is about a brave young boy. After the death of his uncle, the 14-year-old schoolboy Alex Rider is forced by the Special Operations Division of the UK's secret intelligence service, MI6, into a mission which will save millions of lives. We will be writing our own spy novels using this as inspiration.

We will also be exploring the conventions of a Greek Myth and writing our own versions.

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During maths this half term Year 5 will be focusing on consolidating our understanding of all four operations, to solve problems.

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Our science topic this half term is 'Forces'. As part of this topic, we will be learning about Isaac Newton and the significance of his discoveries. We will also be learning about friction. water resistance, buoyancy and air resistance and experimenting with these.


Topic Letters

Please find attached below our topic letter for this half term. It highlights what your child will be learning. 

Please find below our previous topic letters to show what we have been learning this year.


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