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This term in Year 5, we will be examining strategies to improve wellbeing and looking at the different ways you can support your health and wellbeing.  

We are delighted to announce that on Friday 24th March 2023 we will be taking the children on a school trip to South Norwood Country Park, where we will be classifying local trees and exploring wildlife and nature. This trip is linked to our Spring topic of ‘Roots, Shoots and Fruits’, where we are following the life cycle of a plant and the role that bees and butterflies play in plant life.


In English we are looking at the book ‘Who Let the Gods out?’

  • Practising how to write in different genres, including a diary, newspaper report, narrative and fact file.
  • Exploring narrative stories combined with links to Greek Mythology.
  • Examining different types of punctuation and applying it in our writing.
  • Learning different writing techniques and literary devices to add detail and pace to our work.
  • Continuing to develop our understanding and skills of creative writing.


In Maths we follow the White Rose scheme and this term we are looking at:

  • Examining decimals up to 3 decimal places.
  • Calculating percentages.
  • Calculating the perimeter of different shapes.
  • Calculating the area of a shape.
  • Learning how to draw line graphs.
  • Reading and interpreting line graphs and tables.

If you want to support your child at home further with maths then the White Rose website has some videos and questions under the ‘parent resources’ section of their website


In science we are looking at Roots, Shoots and Fruits which builds on the children’s prior knowledge of plants.

  • Examining the life cycle of a plant following its journey from a seed to pollination, to fertilisation, to germination, to the growth and then back to seed again.
  • Investigating what plants need to grow well.
  • Exploring the role that bees and butterflies play in plant life. As designers we will create our own devices to aid in sowing seeds in a way to support healthy growth.

Investigating questions such as: What would happen if there were no insects in the world? What are the most important factors affecting seed germination and why do seeds need to be dispersed in different ways?

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