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Who's who

Senior Leadership Team

Office / Support Staff / Facilities

Mrs Anne Slade Chief Operating Officer
Mrs Rebecca Hillman Admin Manager
Miss Hannah Baker Admin Assistant / Attendance Officer   
  Mrs Raina Powell Admin Assistant
Mrs Jacqui Mason-Ellis School Business Manager
Mrs Soulla Mattia Senior Finance Manager
Ms Merle Busch  Finance Assistant
Mr Andrew Monaco  Site Manager
Mr Gary Nichols Caretaker


Teaching Staff

Reception - RV

Mrs Sophie Flint-Virtue


Assistant Head

Reception - RC Miss Jade Carver
Reception - RW

Miss Jamie Williams

Phonics Lead

Year 1 - 1B

Miss Eloise Bucknor

Modern Foreign Languages Lead

  Year 1 - 1D

Miss Ellis Davey

Design & Technology Lead

  Year 1 - 1Y Miss Shazia Yaqub
Year 2 - 2M Miss Lara Moran
Year 2 - 2H

Miss Mia Haynes 

Science Lead

Year 2 - 2S Mr Dominic Smith
Year 3 - 3F

Miss Katie Fletcher 

PSHE Lead                           

Year 3 - 3LC

Mrs Lamb-Crawley

Geography Lead

Year 4 - 4A

Miss Esther Attrup 


Year 4 - 4L

Mr Nathan Larkin

Religious Education Lead

Year 5 - 5C

Miss Natalie Crowe

Maths Lead

Year 5 - 5H

Miss Lucy Henderson

Year 6 - 6P

Miss Lily Powell

History Lead

Eco Lead

Year 6 - 6L

Mr Daniel Leggatt

Senior Teacher

English Lead

Computing Specialist Mr Darrell Robbins
P.E. Specialist

Mrs Joelle Barclay (Maternity Leave)



Mr Joe Denny   (Maternity Cover)

Music Specialist Miss Angharad Edmunds
Art Specialist Ms. Lindsey Howe
Nurture Provision - The Nest

Ms Vicky Wise 

Nurture Lead



Teaching Assistants

Mrs Donna Cheeseman - Reception
Mrs Samantha Selman - Reception
Mrs Nike Babatunde - Reception
Mrs Lanie Spokes - Year 1
Mrs Katy Leggett - Year 1
  Miss Hayley Potts - Year 1
Miss Louise McIlroy - Year 2
Mr Giles Dutton - Engagement & Enrichment Leader ‚Äč- Year 2

Mrs Sara Laferla - Year 2


Miss Jo Tomlins - Year 3
Mrs Jan Lightfoot - Year 3
Miss Kim Butlin - Year 4
Mrs Lisa Urquhart - Year 4
Mrs Donna Bousbia - Year 5
Mrs Hattice Ali - Year 5

Miss Kellie Pearce - Year 6


Mr Keith Fox - Year 6 Intervention Teacher
Miss Evelyn Ighamre - Year 5 Intervention Teacher
  Miss Serena Condoluci

SEND Teaching Assistants

  Ms Michelle Lambert
Mrs Jolanta Borawska-Gobbi
Miss Aaliyah Notice
Mrs Carlene Searle
Miss Grace Allen
  Mrs Theresa Warren
  Miss Michelle Lambert


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Ubah Ali

Mrs Theresa Denton

Mrs Fahmida Fatema

Miss Anna Fincken

Mrs Toni Harris

Mrs Katy Leggett

Miss Nicola Mcraye

Miss Jo Tomlins

Mrs Theresa Warren

Extended Schools Team

Mr Giles Dutton - Engagement & Enrichment Leader 

Miss Sarah Bennett

Mrs Lanie Spokes

Mrs Sara Laferla

Mrs Katy Leggett

Mrs Jan Lightfoot

Mrs Donna Cheeseman

Ms Carlene Searle

Miss Aaliyah Notice

Ms Anna Fincken

Miss Jo Tomlins

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