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Science at Stewart Fleming

 Below are some fantastic pictures of science that has been taking place across the school during this half term. From identifying the phases of the moon to learning about the parts of plants. As you can see, the children are immersed in each of the topics and learning through a range of scientific skills.


Science in Year 1

In the picture above you can see what is happening in year 1 and their topic - Animals including Humans. In the picture above the children are taking part in a sorting activity focusing on the features of animals and humans.

Science in Year 2 

In the picture above you can see the great learning taking place in year 2. The children took the subject of science outside of the classroom and investigated the different parts of plants.

Science in Year 5

In the picture above you can see the fantastic learning taking place in year 5 linked to the IPC topic 'Space Explorers'. In the picture the children are learning about the different phases of the moon.


Science Units at Stewart Fleming

Below you can find all the units of science that are taught from Year 1 up to Year 6. You may want to prepare your child for each unit before hand by reading up on the next unit that they will be studying. 

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