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Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education at Stewart Fleming

Year 1


Year 1 have been looking at what makes the school environment safe, something that is very important to the staff and pupils at The Pioneer Academy.

Year 2


Year 2 have been looking at the world around us by focusing on how to stay safe on the roads. This is particular important considering how built up the area is around Stewart Fleming!

Year 3


Year 3 have been looking at how people react differently in different situations and how we can tell how someone might be feeling. Year 3 think this is a useful skill to have when dealing with situations that occur in our lifetime.

Year 4


Year 4 have been looking at the ways we are good friends to one and other. They have also been looking at how to manage a friendship when issues occur. Year 4 believe that it is really important to manage friendship issues in a mature and respectful manner.

Year 5


Year 5 have been looking at strategies to deal with anger this term. It is important to remember that feelings of anger are ok and it is vital that everyone should have strategies in place to guide them through the times when they feel emotional.

Year 6


Year 6 were shown a selection of multiplication questions on their board. One of them was incorrect. What do you do in this instance?

The children discussed how we should respond to peoples mistakes and decided that is important to champion peoples successes rather than focus on the mistakes first.

Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education (PSHCE)

Scooter Safety at Stewart Fleming!

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote health and safety at Stewart Fleming our Year 3 classes had the opportunity to take part in a scooter safety course. The children enjoyed learning how they can ride their scooters to and from school safely, practising what to do when they come across a driveway on a pavement and how to cross the road sensibly with their scooter. 


School Travel Plan

Stewart Fleming has been awarded silver level for our travel plan!

At Stewart Fleming we aim to improve the safety and wellbeing of our pupils by encouraging active travel behaviour to improve the environment around the school. Some of the things we have done to achieve this include; health and safety days, road safety talks,  scooter and bicycle safety courses and involvement of our Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs) in running competitions in school to promote road safety.

JTA Training Day

We would like to introduce our new Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTAs), Soriyah and Finley.

Soriyah and Finley attended a JTA training day at Bromley Civic Centre where they learned about their role and how to promote road safety in our school. They successfully completed the course and were presented with certificates and badges from the Mayoress of Bromley.

In addition to this, Soriyah and Finley are working hard to organise competitions and events to promote road safety in and around our local area.

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