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Year 5 - Autumn 1 - Learning Log - 3D modelling

Lesson 1 - E-Safety - Key Question: Why should we think before we post?

This lesson the children are discussing the importance of thinking before posting, highlighting reasons why it may not be good to post (e.g. being legal, given permission, etc.)

Children then created quizzes and an informative poster on what they had learned about.

Lesson 2 - Key Question - How are 3D shapes represented on a 2D screen?

Learners will be introduced to the concept of 3D modelling by creating a range of 3D shapes that they select and move. Learners also examine shapes from a variety of views within the 3D space.

Lesson 3 - Key Question - How can we change a 3D shape?

Learners will manipulate 3D objects digitally. They will resize objects in one, two, and three dimensions. They will also lift and lower 3D objects relative to the workplane, and combine two 3D objects to make a new shape. Finally learners will recolour 3D objects.

Lesson 4 - Key Question: What 3D shapes can be combined to make an object?

Learners will develop their understanding of manipulating digital 3D objects. They will rotate objects in three dimensions, duplicate objects, and then use grouping and ungrouping to manipulate many objects at once. They will combine these skills to create their own 3D name badge. Finally, learners will consider the practicality of 3D printing the objects they have made.

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