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Year 4 - Autumn 1 - Learning Log - Photo editors

Lesson 1 - E-Safety - Key Question: How do we know if something we view is real or fake?

Looking at photo shopped images, children are going to make some images that are not real. The children are to understand that they need to be vigilant when online, as not everything is as it seems. Photos can easily be edited. They will then explore fake news by creating their own fake webpage on Purple Mash and explore a range of E-Safety acitivities based on fake content.

Lesson 2 - Key Question: How can a digital image be changed?

In this lesson, you will introduce learners to the concept of editing images. They will go on to explore when we need to rotate and crop an image as well as how to use an image editor to make these changes. Learners will then discuss image composition.

Lesson 3 - Key Question: What effects do different colours have on your thoughts and feelings?

In this lesson, learners will look at the effect that different colours and filters can have on an image. They will choose appropriate effects to fit a scenario, and explain how they made their choices. They will then edit the images using different effects to suit two different scenarios.

Lesson 4 - Key Question: What are the benefits of cloning in photo editing?

In this lesson, learners will be introduced to the cloning tool and its use in both changing the composition of a photo and photo retouching. They will see how parts of a photo can be removed or duplicated using cloning. Learners will consider what parts of an image can be retouched and learn techniques to make this as unnoticeable as possible. Finally, they will consider when it is necessary to edit photographs in this way.

Lesson 5 - Key Question: Why might photos be edited?

In this lesson, students learn how to use different tools to select areas of an image. Learners then use copy and paste within one image and between two images to produce a combined image. Finally, learners will consider when it’s appropriate to edit an image and discuss some of the ethics around retouching photos.

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