Poetry Workshop

On Wednesday 28th January 2015 we got the opportunity to go and work with the fantastic performance poet Brian Moses! He shared some of his brilliant poems with us and we got to write some of our own poems. It was a really enjoyable day and we are looking forward to sharing our work with the rest of the school! 

Here's a poem written by Donte in 5MO

I am Stupendious

I am Stupendious.

I am the hollow that travels through the howling wind,

I am the beaming sunshine that glimmers in the distance,

I am the pounding rain which thunders on the plains,

I am the formidable skyline which ascends into the air,

I am the wondrous birds that happily glide through the trees,

I am the silky sand storm which rapidly swirls,

I am the warmth that protects you from the cold,

I am the ashes of people’s sorrows,

I am the deserted darkness surrounding the moon and stars,

I am Stupendious.

By Donte, 5MO


Half Term Visit to Dunyan Nkwanta Ghana.

During the half term two teachers (Louise Smith and Kate Feltham) visited our partner school in Ghana.  Please see the Global Gateway page to find out how they got on!


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Head Boy and Girl Elections

Election.Last Minute Campaigning!

Election fever hit Stewart Fleming Primary School last week. The candidates for Head Boy and Head Girl had done everything they possibly could to win last minute votes. Who was going to win?!
As the tension continued to rise on Wednesday (Election Day), children across the school came to the polling station to cast their final decision on who would be representing them this year. Whilst it was very close, We are pleased to announce that the Head Boy and Head Girl are Ciaran (6C) and Evelina  (6H). We are sure they will do the school proud!

Election.Casting votes!Head Boy.Head Girl 2014