Head Boy and Girl Elections

Election.Last Minute Campaigning!

Election fever hit Stewart Fleming Primary School last week. The candidates for Head Boy and Head Girl had done everything they possibly could to win last minute votes. Who was going to win?!
As the tension continued to rise on Wednesday (Election Day), children across the school came to the polling station to cast their final decision on who would be representing them this year. Whilst it was very close, We are pleased to announce that the Head Boy and Head Girl are Ciaran (6C) and Evelina  (6H). We are sure they will do the school proud!

Election.Casting votes!Head Boy.Head Girl 2014

Open Days

Open days for prospective parents will be on the following dates:

Monday 6th October - 1:30pm

Wednesday 8th October - 9:30am

Tuesday 14th October - 11:00am

Thursday 23rd October - 1:30pm

Friday 7th November - 1:30pm

Wednesday 19th November - 1:30pm

Thursday 20th November - 9:30am

Monday 24th November - 9:45am

Tuesday 2nd December - 1:30pm

Please call the office to make an appointment if you wish to visit.

We ask that children do not attend the open day due to the number of families visiting.

Harvest Festival

Just to remind you that children can bring harvest gifts to class from:

Monday 29th September 2014.

Items can include:
• Dried goods: tea, coffee, sugar, pulses and cereals
• Canned foods (preferably those that self-open)
• Food in packets: soups, cakes, biscuits etc.
Please ensure that anything you send is not close to or has already passed its ‘Best Before’ date.

Thank you. 

Harvest Poster

Upcoming events

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