Stewart Fleming Allotment

Pupils and parents have been working very hard with Tom at the Allotments this year and have won the 'Margaret Ayres Young Gardeners Award'.  

The children were presented with a plaque and certificate to show their achievement.


Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day

To celebrate Christmas and raise money for charity we all came to school in our favourite Christmas jumpers.

We hope you have an enjoyable Christmas Holidays.


Big Traks

In Year 3 as part of our new Computing curriculum we have been looking at programming.  

To get us thinking we explored Big Traks and how they work (Big Traks are programmable toys!)  We had to use the keypad to program the Big Trak to carry out a series of instructions.  We had lots of fun and even manged to get them to move in a square!


Friday 12th December

10 Downing Street

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Jumble with Samantha Cameron

Our seven lucky winners had a fantastic time on Friday at 10 Downing Street.


Remembrance Assembly

Tuesday 11th November 2014

To mark Remembrance Day we had a special assembly at 11:00am where we held 2 minutes silence. 

Our head boy and head girl read two lovely poems afterwards to remind us of those who lost their lives fighting in the war.


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Head Boy and Girl Elections

Election.Last Minute Campaigning!

Election fever hit Stewart Fleming Primary School last week. The candidates for Head Boy and Head Girl had done everything they possibly could to win last minute votes. Who was going to win?!
As the tension continued to rise on Wednesday (Election Day), children across the school came to the polling station to cast their final decision on who would be representing them this year. Whilst it was very close, We are pleased to announce that the Head Boy and Head Girl are Ciaran (6C) and Evelina  (6H). We are sure they will do the school proud!

Election.Casting votes!Head Boy.Head Girl 2014